segunda-feira, outubro 16, 2006

OOIOO - Taiga

Taiga (2006)


1. UMA
2. KMS
3. UJA
4. GRS
5. ATS
6. SAI
7. UMO
8. IOA


3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

please !!!!!!!!!!

upload the OOIOO's albums
i've been looking for them, and now that finally found them. they're not available due of inactivity.

so please, uploead them agains.

alec shannon

indieground disse...

please re-up the OOIOO albums !!!

i've been looking for them and i finally found them but inactive...

so please, do me a favor and re upload them !!!

take care

teapot kobaia mamma disse...

great band! thanks!